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Success in retail is not what it once was...

Some of the biggest names in traditional retail stores closed more than 5,000 stores in 2017 and 2018.

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Many retail companies are going bankcrupt... but why?

A huge amount of examples - and billions of dollars. Many of them are based in the US, but also in Europe. There are more and more brands giving up selling through their classic store networks. Mostly because of one single reason. 

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eCommerce is here to stay. And Amazon owns a majority of it.

As internet and mobile penetration is still increasing across the world, the amount of digital buyers is still increasing as well, across all countries. And while traditional retail continues to die, thankfully, ecommerce sales are booming!

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The opportunity to sell on Amazon is now!

Of 170+ Billion USD Revenue of Amazon in 2017 and 232 Billion USD in 2018, over 2/3 go through so-called “sellers”. Third parties that (re-)sell their products over Amazon. So far till now, over 1M(!) new sellers joined the Amazon marketplace. However, selling on Amazon is becoming super competitive and highly complex to manage..

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We help you getting on Amazon the easy way!

Based on years of experience, your brand goes online quickly and we take care of all on-going complexity, as an extension of your team.

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