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6 Things to do to get on top of Amazon SEO

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With Amazon selling more than 3 billion products across its 11 marketplaces, it can be safely assumed that the marketplace that you are targeting has millions of products to sell. With just around 30 odd categories of products, you must overcome some stiff competition to catch the buyers’ eyes. One of the easiest ways of attracting potential customers is ranking high in search results for your product. Research says that customers find products through the Amazon search bar. In fact, Amazon search is so popular that people search for products directly here rather than a generic search engine like Google.

With such stiff competition, you need to work towards showing up in first 2-3 pages of Amazon product ranking to succeed. However, to do that you need to know about how Amazon search algorithm A9 works. Here are some tips to improve product search ranking, master Amazon SEO, attract customers and increase your sales.

Complete all product details

Customers decide upon a product depending upon the information that they get. Filling all the details on the product listing page should be your first step towards improving product ranking. Take care to include your target keywords, both primary and secondary, in the product title and product description. Although Amazon keeps changing its algorithm, keywords are not going to retire anytime soon. However, go easy on stuffing the keyword as the number of times that gives a repeated does not make a difference.

As product titles have the greatest impact on product ranking, try to include brand name, category name, keywords, and USP here. You can also include color, size, and quantity of the product.

Gather customer reviews

Customer reviews are regarded with reverence by Amazon product ranking algorithm while displaying search results. So, you must try and gain as many customers reviews as possible. You can send them emails after they place the order as well as just after you have delivered. Request them for product reviews as well as seller rating if they are happy with the product. Take care to follow the guidelines in requesting for reviews else you may be blacklisted if Amazon feels that you are unnecessarily pestering the buyers.

Fill orders quickly

The most important factor in getting good reviews from customers is timely delivery of products. If the products are delivered in time, customers are likely to give you good ratings and reviews. Remember that buyers will not start using the product immediately upon receipt. Hence their initial response can be swayed just by these three factors – time taken to fulfill the order, the condition of the product and does the product match its description on the site.

Join Amazon FBA

Amazon product ranking algorithm gives preference to products signed up for Amazon FBA during its search.  If your product is listed for Amazon FBA program it is more likely to show up at the top of a search results page.

In case you are wondering what is Amazon FBA, it stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. if your product is signed for Amazon FBA, all you need to do is ship your product to the nearest Amazon warehouse in bulk. Actual shipping of the product to the buyer is done from the warehouse.

Drive traffic

Even if your product is selling well, it might not actually be showing up on the first or second page of search results. This means that you are missing out on potential customers and sales. Driving traffic to your product page helps in increasing search ranking of your product. You can drive internal traffic to your page through PPC advertising and external traffic through promotional campaigns on your website, social media accounts, and third-party websites.

Give good quality product images

Amazon wants you to put good quality images and as many as possible for all your products. It rewards you for doing that by ranking the product higher. Upload good quality, high-resolution images of a product from multiple angles.  You should have at least four to five images to affect search rankings. Refrain from giving information as images. The algorithm is smart enough to differentiate between real images and text posted as images.

Be battle-ready on the Amazon marketplace by incorporating these into your marketing effort. If you want more information on Amazon SEO or product ranking algorithm, read manuals available in your Seller Central account.

Happy selling!!

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