Amazon services

We take care of your Amazon business

Initial Enablement as a seller or vendor

Selling on Amazon can take years to learn. We have long experience in product research on Amazon and will make sure, you only sell the products that actually sell. We will manage for you: amazon store setup (per market), amazon enhanced content setup, product & competition research...

Digital Marketing on Amazon

Building up a digital marketing team can be very cost intensive. We know how to manage complexity and with 20+ years of experience in international business, digital marketing and sourcing - we are your partner. You can count on Iskra team for specialized marketing consulting services that include: amazon SEO (search engine optimization), amazon product catalog, content, descriptions, optimization...

Legal, Compliance & Logistics

We work hand in hand with your team - by providing you a fully managed service so you can focus on your core business. We will help you with following: amazon rules & law compliance, amazon seller support management, fully automated VAT management (per country)...

Source: Amazon’s growth flywheel

At iskra eCommerce we follow Amazon's flywheel with whatever we do. 

Amazon’s best kept secret: the growth flywheel. 

There are 2 types of growth: 

  • Linear
  • Exponential

99% of Businesses are growing linear. But really good businesses are growing exponential. 

We will help you to apply these principles for your own brand when selling on Amazon. 

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