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What you need to know about Amazon PPC before signing up

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When a potential customer searches for an item in the Amazon search bar, the results that are returned are the organic search results. If you look closely on the page, you paid product listings. You can get your product to listed there by signing up for pay per click or PPC campaign.

PPC is a good way to increase your sales and hence organic ranking as well as profits. Although it is a fairly simple program to sign up and implement, there are a few things you should be aware of before you dive into it.

Here we will discuss some things that you should keep in mind while coming up with your Amazon PPC strategy.

Amazon PPC cost

As always, the first thing to be considered for any marketing campaign is the cost that will be incurred.  Some of the heads that must be taken into account while calculating the cost are:

  • Cost price of the product
  • Amazon charges like PPC, FBA, etc.
  • Logistics
  • Customer service
  • Discounts and promotional offers, if any

Optimized product listing

For your PPC campaign to be successful, your product listing must be fully optimized. To ensure optimization, you must take care that your product page has high-resolution images, category name in the product title, relevant keywords, completed product descriptions, preferably in the form of bulleted points, etc.

Use Amazon reports

Amazon provides many reports for its sellers to understand and analyze their performance. It would help if you always kept yourself updated with the reports as we continue getting refreshed. When running or contemplating running a PPC campaign, you must be familiar rise yourself with the PPC tab of your account so that you can use all the available data to get the highest possible ROI on your investment.

Choose keywords for the campaign

PPC campaigns are always launched around keywords that best describe your product. Amazon has itself said that most of the searches on its platform are long tail keywords. So, when looking for keywords for your PPC campaign focus on long tail keywords as well. Depending upon your budget, select 40-50 keywords to start with a PPC campaign. As you get more and more confident, you can increase the number of target keywords.

There can be more than one seller targeting the same keywords as you. Insert a scenario all the seller’s interested in targeting that keyword bid for it. The highest bidder gets to place his or her ad for that keyword. You must keep your cool while waiting for the keywords and choose them wisely to maximize ROI.

Analyze PPC campaign performance periodically

Running a PPC campaign is a continuous activity. You must analyze the performance of each keyword regularly, ideally after a week. If you find that some keyword is not doing well, you should consider withdrawing that keyword and introducing some new ones. Fine tuning the campaign continuously is the key to running a successful one.

Get some reviews

Reviews are your tickets to top seller status on Amazon. When visitors come to your product page, whether through organic search or PPC campaign, they look for reviews before they click on “buy.” So, your PPC campaign will convert more visitors if you have some good reviews on the product page. Get some reviews and only then plan for a PPC campaign.

Keeping a cool head is the key to marketing success, and it holds for running PPC campaigns on Amazon as well. Do not expect immediate returns. Even the Amazon reports take 2-3 days to reflect correct data. So have patience and wait for the results to roll in. Keep tweaking the keywords and see your sales skyrocketing during the PPC campaign.

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